Saturday, 5 April 2014

Facing Up After The Begging

When KT started his "Billy Begs for cash campaign" at the weekend he had no idea what would happen, it was written in typical KT/Billy style (short, to the point and no frills and no bells and whistles) , at first he thought he might get 50 quid, maybe a 100 at a push, well KT was wrong :

The generous people of the world donated an overwhelming amount, as you can see the kind people who took time out to read the page gave £705 in just 4/5 days.

KT was stunned and shocked, Shocked because KT has questioned a lot whether people are still people, KT sees a lot of politics where everyone is tribal, where politics comes before being a decent human, where its ok to deceive the public and treat them like idiots. This has restored KT faith in people.

One person (who shall remain anon) asked a very good question, they asked me "how do you keep getting into a mess" , I have pondered that very same question many times, but as with every other time i have spun an answer, blamed other things (my illness, the way i was dragged up etc) . If i ran a business with that attitude it would go under in no time whatever service or product i was selling, when you are running a business you spot a problem and deal with the problem, you dont pass the buck  or take the supposed easy way to deal with it (life would be a piece of piss then) , you find the problem and get rid of it, be it a slow and old machine/van etc, If you dont deal with it then the problem (and the fact you wont tackle it) will spread to other staff and then eventually your product/service will be shit.

KT has identified the problem, KT has found the one thing that holds him and others back from their goals , KT has seen the burden that interferes in not his own life but those that are brave ( or stupid) enough to hang around long time.

KT is going to deal with the problem as it has got to breaking point, Its gonna go, The problem will soon be history.

KT would like to thank again all those that donated, KT will not let you down.

          "Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice"

Thank you x

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