Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sky Sports Ashes Blewett

Every since Sky Sports Ashes was launched for this summer of cricket KT has had problems trying to enjoy this summer of cricket, from pictures you cant make out to showing the House Of Lords instead of the Roses FLT20 match.

Well last night another error went to air, KT staggered back from weekend of partying and decided to watch "The Ashes Verdict" , this is what KT was presented with :

The information box informed me that it would be Bob Willis and Tom Moody , this is a picture of Tom Moody :
And this was Sky Cricket tweet about the verdict :

Bob and Greg? Not Bob and Tom?

With business it can be the small things, i could see if this had happened on day one of the test (when Greg first appeared) but day 4 and Sky still listing Tom Moody as the guest....

Sixty odd quid a month and they cant even get basic details right!

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