Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Oh Godfrey!

So UKIP M.E.P Godrey Bloom has been in the news over his "Bongo Bongo" comments, KT choose not to take offence .

The problem KT has is that the Mr Bloom then apologized for his comments, Why? Let me try and explain my problem with this, far to often we moan that our politicians are bland/dull/party loyalists etc , we moan that they never give us their real opinion , they just spout the party line, we want politicians to honest with us whether we agree or disagree with them at least then we might get a choice in democracy!

My Problem is that Mr Bloom clearly has no problem with the term "bongo bongo" (otherwise he would not have said it) but because other people choose to take offence he then apologized for that. Does his apology mean that he will no longer say "bongo bongo" in private? I doubt it as he felt confident using in front of an audience.

If people stopped wasting so much time choosing to take offence we might be able to deal with serious issues!

Meanwhile the message of aid being misused has been lost!

video via liarpoliticians

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