Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Would you trust this man?

It seems the former PM (Tony Blair) is guest editing the Evening Standard today.

I say good luck to him, he won 3 elections for the labour party and is their most successful leader in recent history. He is also the man that allowed Gordon Brown loose on the British economy (and that went well did`nt it).

We have heard lately from the labour party about Jeremy Hunt misleading parliament, Well lets never let them forget this from the former PM Tony Blair :

So Labour, How is the hunt for those pesky WMD`s coming along?


  1. Looking for a sea front property on Clapham Common?
    Comparing Hunt to Blair is equivalent to comparing chalk with cheese Billy. Blair was/ is a fungus that insinuated itself into the UK system and now a dormant spore attempts a comeback into UK life.
    It brings into question the mentality of the British electorate that can fall for such a fabricated phony.
    That you can even consider wishing this showman good luck says a lot for your own frail grasp of right from wrong and does not augur well for future elections.