Friday, 15 June 2012

How Dare You!

While watching the England V Sweden game from Euro 2012 i was keeping a eye on twitter just to see reaction and emotions to the games events.

As you know on the list of people i follow are politicians, well today its Ian Austin MP with this one : picture or to see original tweet see here , Now i am sure he did not want to offend Liverpool fans, however i do think that that calling Andy Carroll a "donkey" is a bit harsh, this is a player that Liverpool Football Club paid £35 million pounds for.

I mean, imagine in a Tory MP called a Labour MP a "donkey" there would be outrage at Guardian Towers!!!

And, besides i think many donkeys up and down the country will be offended by that comparison ;)

On the other note, England did win 3-2 against Sweden.

Pic via Mister_Snoops

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