Thursday, 28 June 2012

It did not take long.

I was hoping to see Ed Balls stand up in the House of Commons and apologise for his party`s mess in the Barclays affair.

Well I was disappointed, not only was Ed not there, we didn`t get the apology that was required either.

Have no fear though! You can always rely on Dennis Skinner to take every opportunity possible to blame everything on Baroness Thatcher. According to this clip Mr Skinner claims that Barclays did the crimes in 2005 due to leglislation passed in the 80`s, It seems he forgot that the FSA and tri-party system was set up by Comrade Brown and Balls (and actually opposed by the Tories at the time).

I have no problem with people admitting they were wrong and made a mistake (hell I have made loads) . but to say black is white and white is black is nothing but breath taking hypocrisy.

Then again there was a time when a Labour PM liked bankers....


 Videos Via liarpoliticians and Youtube 

Update: according to Guido Fawkes there was a different view expressed from the Labour front bench in the Lords.


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