Wednesday, 20 June 2012

PC Pain 2

I need to access at wireless network that already exists , am using the same modem.

Need idiots guide (step by step) please?


Thanks for all your tips, However the PC is being very moody, i shall win with this* :)

*Just not today ;)

You have all been very helpful.


It seems my desktop has not got Wifi.

This problem will be sorted, thankyou again for all your help :)


  1. Hold on, you've just got all those updates, you must have downloaded them over some kind of link.

    But some general information: if your laptop has its wireless switched on, and is not connected to any wireless router, you click on the wireless icon at the bottom right of the screen, just to the left of the icon of a loudspeaker. This will give you a list of all the wireless routers within range -- including your neighbours'. But you will only have the pass code for one of them, your own. Work out which one it is -- it will probably be the one showing the most green bars for signal strength.

    Click on its name, and you will be given the chance to connect to it. It will start to connect. After a while you will be asked for the pass code. Type it in VERY carefully, using capital or small letters as shown, and double-check before clicking on OK. That should do it.

    On a new laptop, the wireless link is usually switched on or off by holding down the Fn key (may be next to Ctrl) and pressing a top row key showing an aerial symbol. On my laptop this symbol looks like an umbrella blown inside out. Older laptops usually have a tiny slider switch on the front edge. Slide it to the right to enable the wireless link. Generally you leave wireless switched on the whole time, but if you are out of wireless range or using a plug-in USB mobile broadband dongle, you can turn it off to save power and make the battery last longer.

    Is all this what you wanted to know?

    1. I have gone from laptop to a proper desktop, can only use the internet via yellow cable.

      Thanksyou for your advice (written from my laptop)

  2. 'It seems my desktop has not got WiFi.' This is pretty normal for new desktops. My current one has wireless only because I rescued the wireless card from its dead predecessor. Desktops are static and can conveniently be connected to a wireless router by an Ethernet cable (that yellow cable you mentioned, though actually they come in several bright colours so they can be easily identified).

    An Ethernet connection is faster than a wireless one. Your desktop isn't going anywhere. Does it need wireless? You would have to buy a wireless card, costing maybe ten quid, and insert and install it, which is not hard but meddling with the insides of a PC needs a steady nerve.

    I wanted wireless for mine because my broadband was very unreliable at the time, and I wanted to be able to borrow a connection from the people downstairs if it failed (with their permission, of course).