Thursday, 14 June 2012

Calm down!

Well i thought Prime ministers question time on Wednesday was pretty dull, But apparently i had missed the Prime minister *insult*  Steve Rotheram MP.

So after two days of watching the debate going from side to side i decided to take another look and listen, You can view the clip here .

I do not see or hear any *insult* , I hear a badly read out planted question get the reply it deserved, but no insult.

And of course if Steve is insulted by that remark then i advise him to get a thicker skin or get a job elsewhere, or even politely suggest that if he cant take it then don't give it (Dennis Skinner take note as well) or some may start accusing you of double standards and hypocrisy.

And i don't think anyone would want that.

Video via liarpoliticians


  1. Ask a partisan and ineptly read out whip-issued question and get told to fuck off. And?

    Unsure what the lefty grumpiness is about.

    Rotheram made himself look like a tit. That was his own fault. Why should the PM pat him on the head for it?

  2. Best post ever Billy - fab! Had been looking for that link and now seen it thanks to you and agree with everythin you say 100% The PM is too busy to answer rubbish like that and it wasn't a question but a badly worded (and read out) put down.

  3. Quite right. Only small people with small minds think poetry is snobbish. More opportunist nonsense from a nonsense Labour party.

  4. Good call Billy.