Friday, 29 June 2012

So thats how you get to meet the Queen

My vocabulary (as you know) is not very big, So when i watched "This Week" last night i thought i had misheard or got the wrong end of the stick of something someone said. So i gets back this morning to double check that i heard correctly or that i had not caught it out of context.

Step forward Alan Johnson who came out with this breath-taking abuse of the English language, Apparently it is a sign of courage to bomb and terrorise  parts of Ireland and mainland England, I remember the  90`s when this happened, The windows in my flat (double glazed) shook (and i was living in Barking at the time), Yes Alan that was "courage" or when the IRA showed courage by doing this .

I know some MPs are not very bright but what the IRA done and demonsrated was not courage.

Besides what sort of example are showing the world?  Bomb us and meet the Queen?

I am happy that the IRA are no longer terrorising people in London, But to be rewarded in the way they have, where they have not been held to account for the crimes they commisoned is a utter disgrace, and to top it of they get to meet the Queen.

If you can bare to watch a terrorist shake hands with the Queen then the clip is here.

Video Via liarpoliticians

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  1. Johnson is a typical ignorant leftie, with no innate sense of decency, and as you say Billy, thick as arseholes. BTW, I thought you WERE the Queen.(sorry, couldn't resist that, haha) I think you're one of the best trolls around as it happens, so keep up the good work