Friday, 15 June 2012


There has been some fallout form the Tug of war, on one hand you have Guido Fawkes claiming that Total Politics cheated, yet on other hand you have Shane Greer saying that no-one cheated .

Well with the BBC footage being lost "the recording was corrupted." all claims and counter claim going back and forward must be settled at some stage so this debate can be closed.

Even tho they raised over 4k between them there are some bruised egos about.

But fear no more, Shane Greer of Total politics has left the door open for a re-match :

" lol, perhaps next year ;) "

Well Guido and rabble, are you up for this? will you choose you training a bit better, but will you risk your egos again?

Same time next year lads? :)

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  1. "BBC" and "Corruption" =two words that you don't often hear together in the same conversation (HA HA)