Friday, 1 June 2012

A Choice (follow up post)

The other day i blogged about having a choice, well this is the follow up post to it.

I had the choice of spending the day at Lords cricket ground watching day 1 of a county match (and spending money i didn't have) or not going.

I really wanted to go and watch (well who wouldn't want to go to the home of cricket!) and support county cricket. I wanted to see the glorious ground, the pavilion, the groovy media centre, To be fair it was only £16 to get in, but then you add travel card and drinks and food you are talking £50 plus, OK that doesn't sound like a lot of money but when its just before payday and you have already spent some of next months wages is it a lot.

Anyway, that is my problem and i am not bitter.

I am not going to call for cricket to be banned because i cant afford to go, nor am i going to throw my toys out the pram. Instead i am going to try and get my finances in order by the end of the year (just in time for Christmas) and try and put money aside to go next year (tho am going to try and make a county game before end of season if all goes well). It means i am going to have make tough choices, cut my own spending (on the pub and takeaways) and do what it takes to make sure i live within my means.

So looking back i think i made the right choice for the right reason. Tho i am disappointed that i let someone else down at the last minute.

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