Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Someone sittin on the fence....

What a day, the Labour fightback marches on!!!!

Apparently the PM (Call me Dave) has proposed cutting or scrapping housing benefit for under 25`s,  and as normal someone from Labour goes a little bit over the top.

As readers will know i am all for free speech, but when people go a little bit over the top and rant its always worth reading.

Step forward Labour Councillor Julie Hodgkiss , who doesn't hold back in think what she thinks of Tories:


"And what of kids leaving care? Have they answered that yet ? "

And then this :

. Where are we going to build this city of adapted bungalows Mr Cameron? "

Followed by  this :

"Let's tell all the kids sitting an exam THAT day, they're all stooopid and their work is pointless !!! Rahhh "

And then calmed down with this :

" I'll stop ranting now twitter. Goodnight."

Good idea, If Ed Miliband and Labour want to appeal to potential swing voters maybe its not a good idea to label them as "toryscum" eh? 

Just a thought.....

Update: I missed one :

"People. PEOPLE, human beings, have to live SOMEWHERE. "


  1. Three things come to mind.
    1. Look for a U-turn from Dave on this policy. Soon.
    2. The point of shouting 'toryscum' is to encourage the potential swing voter to think 'Oh gosh, I don't want to be part of the scum', and to step forward into the Light of the True Path, which is to vote Labour.
    3. Julie Hodgkiss is wearing a very unconvincing black wig, and appears to be bald. If so, I'm sorry for her, and understand why she's angry. But being angry is not the same as being right.

  2. :-) you're a good lad! I off twitter for a while can you DM @Ebenwolfe Tell him I'm fine and send me your next blog via And pass it t Wolfe? gailmacgregot7@gmail.com x

    1. Done :)

      If you want your comment deleted then let me know :)

  3. You have to laugh at all the baloney about the Tories being the Nasty party. The reality is they are so determined to try to cast off that image (which will never go away anyway among the shameless, lefty bigots) they are bending over backwards to be the nice party, with U-turn after U-turn when they hear themselves being called nasty. That is causing many people to abandon them and go to UKIP, who are now the only party that stands for real Tory values. The Tories under Cameron have become a centre left party in all but name.