Monday, 25 June 2012

This will inspire!

As tweets drift down my time line (when i look at it) something sometimes catches my eye, sometimes out of curiosity or someone i always read, So when Better together tweeted this i thought i would have a look as i had only just followed them.

"BBC has sneak preview of our leaflets which start going out in the morning

That's the tweet.

What caught my attention was the leaflets which they mention this , what a joke, boasting about the amount of money that taxpayers give to other countries, i mean that is really going to win voters over? they see their politicians with their snouts in the trough on a daily basis and the same politicians then boast about how much of your money they give away, still at least they are not buying Jets with it eh?.

Anyway if people were paid to design those leaflets then i say they are as out of touch as the people they campaign on behalf of.

I am all for Scottish independence, but i also what a fair contest.

Links Via BBC and Daily Mail and video from Youtube.

This tune is to help make those lovely People in Scotland  feel very patriotic :)

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