Sunday, 3 June 2012

And from an egg....

I don't mind admitting when i am wrong (take note politicians ) and correcting any errors i make.

Up until September last year i had always treated twitter with suspicion, I wasn't a fan and frankly i didn't understand it ( i did have the account before then but never used it), Like with most things with me it was curiosity in the end that made me give it another go. The first few weeks was quiet and i didn't know really how to use it.

My first big break came when i got my first #ff (follow Friday) , It was quite funny as i had to ask what "#ff" meant, it was kindly explained to me and then by the end of the weekend i had about 30 followers, Wow i thought, i cracked it, I thought this twitter thing is easy.

Well now i have over 500 followers and i have come across some amazing people, People who have restored my faith in humanity, I have also come across some wonderful people that have a likeness for jumping out of planes (for charity). This has always opened my eyes to other wonderful things, Like poetry, I had never read a poem until i arrived on twitter, yet just a few months on i cannot wait until the weekly poem is selected.

Now while twitter only allows you to use 140 letters  ( and with my lack of vocabulary) this still can prove tricky i hope those that have followed me from beginning understand what i mean when i try and say something.

Twitter was also key in me making desicion to start a blog (and some Dutch courage), Ever since i started this blog i have truly felt liberated, in fact to anyone thinking of writing a blog i say this , Just do it.

On a side note i have never blocked anyone (have un-followed a few people), but i have been blocked by quite a few lefties which shows that the Labour party still hasn't changed and is still hostile to the working class (but that is for another day).

I would also like to thank those that have been supportive and patient with me and thank you for also restoring my faith in humanity :)


  1. Nice one Billy-boy. Keep the faith and bloody good on yer! X

  2. Don't mention it Billy. Who are you again?

  3. Some Geezer wot did not put the twit in Twitter3 June 2012 at 15:41

    I figured out that the whole point and purpose of Twitter was to get those who are interested, in a general way, in what you have to say, to be able to manage just how much of you they actually want to take in. "Fewer than 140 characters" remarkably concentrates the mind as to how to pique someone's interest in pursuing what you have to say in greater detail. I've seen enough of your re-Tweets to figure, well, if Billy thinks it's worth looking into, then it probably is, such as with those charity events you publicise. If what one is doing is mere texting, then it becomes a function of whether you want to find out what the conversation is about; I sometimes follow Guido's Tweets that way, and then I go off into someone else's feed; sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it's painfully boring. Sometimes when you've Tweeted someone who has ignored you, Billy, I've followed their feed to find out who it is they DO listen to, and it ain't pretty sometimes. In any event, it is a way of finding out who's got whose ear and if the story has got out straight and is not a game of "telephone"/"Chinese whispers." Example: Remember when that Tory MP got into trouble for going on a pisser with a friend in a German WWII uniform? I followed a bunch of Twitter feeds to see how fast calls for his censure and removal were being circulated and who by, and wouldn't you know, many of those same people were following EdBallsMP! Thus you could tell it was purely political and not real revulsion, and it was obviously "let's get Burley because he's on that union reform committee-- pass it on!" (Should try that sometime, Billy, you'd get a lot of laughs.)

  4. Great post,Billy.

  5. Wonderful Billy... Insightful as ever and I have only been on twitter since last Oct...! You're a star :-)