Sunday, 21 April 2013

Protest At Thatchers Funeral, Rude and Distasteful But Should Be Allowed

This clip from BBC This Week on Thursday debates manners and politeness V Freedom of expression (protest), In one respect it is a non debate as one is an opinion and the other is a right, I wrote in the "Liverpool" this one line (that is seems many missed by accident or on purpose ) :

"I support the right of anti Thatcher Supporters to protest at her funeral and celebrate her death as part of freedom of expression"

Video via liarpoliticians

Now while i find those that protested at an old ladies funeral ( that left office over 20 years ago) quite sad and pathetic i will defend their right to protest, It was on a public highway, paid with (in part) by public (taxpayers) money, I would never protest at anyone's funeral ( i prefer to protest when the people are alive, kinda think that actually makes an impact) , I find it distasteful (but hey thats me) but i do not want people arrested, mocked yes but not arrested.

The reason i wrote that this was a *non debate* is freedom of expression and speech should be an absolute, how ppl choose to use that freedom is an opinion ( and may have consequences).

One thing that i dont think some people understand is this, defending the right of free speech does NOT  mean agreeing with what is said ( something some on twitter cant get their head round) and actually what is quite ironic is that some of the people being threatened are the very people that will defend everyone`s right to free speech and expression.

Freedom of speech and expression are for all, not just the twitter mob!

Note : KT hopes that all those that came down to visit the greatest city on planet ( London) had a lovely time.

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