Saturday, 27 April 2013

Looks Like Cameron Was Right

KT is aware that local elections are happening soon, this means leaflets being pushed tho letterboxes all over the country, it also means some crazy stuff, stepp forward Local UKIP candidate David Nixon with this :
and the other side :

David Cameron has been wrong on a lot of things, but it seems his comment about "fruitcakes and loonies" is pretty accurate. 

KT also wonders how voting for a UKIP Councillor would have an impact on the same sex marriage legislation going through the National Parliament.....

Leaflet via GarethJAnderson

Update : Statment from LGBTQ in UKIP
"The LGBTQ in UKIP committee is extremely angry and disappointed by the comments made by a small number of UKIP local candidates, particularly David Nixon and John Sullivan.

These candidates, who haven't been vetted and produce their own campaign literature, have let down the hundreds of outstanding UKIP candidates who in no way indorse the comments made, and the Party in general.

Whilst we believe in freedom of speech, this does not mean UKIP should therefore accommodate people with obnoxious beliefs such as suggesting LGBTQ people are inferior or abnormal.

We are informed by the Party that they are thoroughly investigating each of the cases raised by the media. It is unlikely these investigations will be concluded before Thursday.

It is our belief that these candidates should have the UKIP whip drawn from them, and that future candidates are properly vetted and literature officially approved before being published.

The candidates named above shall be receiving direct correspondence from us in the near future."

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