Sunday 14 April 2013

Green Party Candidate Supports Terrorism

The Green Party like to present themselves as nice and cuddly people, ya know, looking after the icebergs and fluffy killer animals ( something like that) , but it seems that does not extend to humans, this is Green party candidate Trevor Allman supporting an attempt by terrorists to murder a UK Prime minster

But that is not all

He might love your wind turbines, but he has zero basic human decency, maybe he and Glenda Jackson  should start a club! 

Update : Trevor gets in touch 

Update : The London Green party get in touch 

KT will point out that the original tweet was sent 4 days ago......

Note : KT has been told that the Green Party were not aware of the tweet till yesterday evening, KT looks forward to the outcome of the investigation. 

Update : His twitter account seems to be suspended  
Here are screenshots of those tweets

Via Khyberman


  1. What a fantastic geezer, He knows who the evil ones are and it would be better for all, If the evil was rooted out and dealt with at the earliest possible stage, strangled at birth anyone,

  2. Is their any connection with thatchers dad being a paedophile who it was rumoured accosted and groped young girls, and thatcher having jimmy saville round to her house where she had 2 young children, did jimmy really babysit young mark and carol, is it true paedos have little tight knit groups called paedo rings.

  3. Latest update is that Natalie Ben, Green Party leader, confirmed that Trevor Allman is neither a Green Party member nor candidate. Is on her Twitter feed at @natalieben:

    natalieben ‏@natalieben 3h
    @djack_journo Not candidate or Green Party member (records show lapsed 2010). For record comments extremely distasteful & don't condone them

  4. Well said sir. All these false tears, delivered by people for a woman who would rather have seen them dead, if they where not "her kind of people". Namely, capitalist, scumbags. The world is a better place without this evil woman in it.

  5. Having researched this thoroughly it is very clear Natalie Snotbogey has lied.

    Allman was an official Green Party Candidate in the May 22nd election. This can be ascertained by examining the London Borough of Greenwich's election pages on its publicly accessible website.

    If you take a look at the Greenwich Green's website you can see they claim 21 candidates. Unfortunately two candidates in Greenwich West did not appear leaving them with 19 claimed candidates. If you count all the Green Party candidates there are 19. One of these is Allman. He is also quoted as the Green Party candidate in a number of publications.

    To appear on the nomination form as representing a political party requires the HQ of the Party concerned confirm, to the presiding officer, you are authorised to do so.

    Allman was a Green Party member and candidate at the time.

    Allman continues to be a member of the Green Party and active within it. He regularly posts on their Facebook page as a member.

  6. If anyone doubts Allman was an official Green Party candidate then I suggest they take a look at the Greenwich site.

    Take a look at who his agent is: Arthur Leonard Hayles. This man is the Green Party Candidate for Kidbrooke and Hornfair Ward and is also the agent for each of the Green Party candidates in Greenwich.

    Allman was and remains a Green Party Activist

  7. Here's confirmation that Trevor Allman was standing as a Green Party candidate for Blackheath
    Westcombe ward, Greenwich in the May 2014 local elections.

  8. And I did quite well with my brand of politics. The closest to being elected as the first Green Party candidate in the borough of Greenwich.

    The Green Party can be excused for not knowing I was a member, as I was not on their national records, as I took advantage of being a local member, which was cheaper and meant I didn't get all the mailouts from HQ.

    I finally ended my eleven year association with the Green Party after the debacle over the Greenwich branch selecting two parliamentary candidates who had never done any Green Party activity.

    Thanks for your continued interest in me. It is much appreciated.