Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Di Canio Did Play Football You Know

Lots has been written about Paulo Di Canio`s political views, lets not forget he was a world class footballer and left fans with some famous memories :

Via KUMB1997

And then this

Via joon8609

And of course no Di Canio post would not be complete with this :

Via delboy1999

Controversial on and off the pitch.

Update : KT would like to say that he condemns the vicious assault on the referee in the third clip, KT would also point out that it got those in charge of the game to clamp down on players abusing the referee and all crowding round the referee.

KT also noted Arsenal player Nigel Winterburn crap himself when Di Canio goes to punch him (after giving him some kind words in his face) , Di Canio did not punch him but the look on Nigels face is priceless.

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