Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Labour Peer : Labour Are Not Acting In The Interests Of Patients

Ed Miliband claims he and his party support the NHS and know whats best for it, Unfortunately one Labour Peer disagrees , In the HSJ Labour Peer Lord Warner has taken a little swipe at Ed "One Nation" Miliband on his moves to get rid of new NHS reforms

 "My reading of them is that they do little more than put on a statutory footing the competition and procurement rules produced under the previous government, with the addition of some sensible provisions on the integration of health and social care.

Labour has decided to put down a motion to annul these regulations. I consider this not to be in the interests of patients and believe it gives a clear signal of preference for NHS providers, which may not be compliant with EU competition law. I shall be voting against this motion."

 KT would be more shocked about this but Labour and Ed have form for opposing policy that was first brought in under the last Labour Government.

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