Saturday, 14 April 2012


I feel i need to write this, i didn't want to blog today as many subjects need addressing.

I want to talk about this site:

1: This site is not funded by anyone, nor does anyone but me decide what is published

2: Moderation will be down to me, i do not want to mod or delete any ones comment. (all comments are posted without moderation and this is how i want to keep it)

3: All views/comments are welcome

That's all and i really appreciate all readers for reading/commenting/ sharing.


  1. The only honest way to run a blog. We knew you were doing it like this.

    By the way, this is how to get the time display right. Open your own blog page. Click on 'Sign in' -- or, if signed in already, click on 'Design'. In the window that appears, click on the 'Settings' tab, then on the 'Formatting' tab. There's a box for 'Time Zone'. Choose '(GMT+00:00) London' -- it adjusts to summer time by itself.

  2. The issues of running a blog are many and varied. I see this blog as a place where friends can talk. We have had a very small number of needlessly nasty comments but they can gain no traction here and rapidly fade away through lack of appetite.

    With Guido, what you have is primarily a business. The campaigning is important but still secondary. But we, who have largely met there, have enjoyed each other's company, occasionally airing differences as well - but in a civilised manner.

    By any measure, Guido's blog must be regarded as successful. Who would have thought five years ago that a blog could have that much effect on the political scene. However, like all of us, Paul has his blindspots. I know why he introduced the modding and agree with the intentions, if not with the implementation. At the time of the General Election, there were many unhinged people coming in and posting vile stuff - there are a lot of very sick people out there. Guido's business focus is on a number of things and the time and attention he can pay to preventing sheer nastiness is limited. A number of us know how he could do it better but he is unlikely to be swayed. It is his gig so the argument stops there.

    There is a similarity between his blog and the government. In both cases, natural supporters are being turned off. If anything, Guido is offending less than Dave.

    Do you have a governing purpose for the setting up of this blog or a preference for the types of subject to be discussed? It might be an idea to think about this in order to attract more readers (assuming that is what you want to do.) It needn't be a straight-jacket - just a guide.