Monday, 30 April 2012

It does not matter who you vote for the government always gets in.

Title of this post sort of sums up what i am about to write, but anyway.

I was watching a chat between a few followers ( I did offer my 10 quids worth) and someone took offence at a video, normally i stay out of things like this, but out of interest i looked at the video, well its a well used clip used to mock politicians.

But the thing that worried me the most was that the person complaining used most defence's in the book. I tried to point out that he was having a sense of humour failure and it was laughed off, Fair enough i thought (they have there opinion and they entitled to it), but then i Saw a tweet that really did worry me, apparently the person that was offended decided to block one of those not offended.

Now, this would not normally concern me ( i have only ever been blocked by lefties), but this person was a Conservative.

When Gordon Bron resigned i thought we had got rid of socialism for a while, however it has not happened, Current Government are spending more than Gordon. But if that's not bad enough then they want to read your email (hint, thought we got rid of socialism), we signed more powers and money over to the EU (Accounts not signed in over 15 year) , so what has changed?

Some will say vote UKIP because they are libertarians, well that is bollocks, while i agree with some if not most UKIP policy i cannot vote for them and i will try and explain why.

UKIP are against Gay marriage, yep they are against my right to be a miserable as straight people, someone on twitter that it should be put to a referendum, A referendum? would you do it for black/Asian/Chinese/french/disabled couples?

Like i said , it doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.


  1. Some Geezer wot knows Who R U, hoo hoo hoo hoo30 April 2012 at 14:20

    A little before your time, Billy, but the Who said it back in the late 60's: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." ("Won't Get Fooled Again"-- though apparently enough people are.)

  2. You have to be a pretty sick kitty to even want to be a politician. By the time you have become one, the dog-eating process has made you a lot sicker. We are governed by ... well, not exactly psychopaths, but certainly people with a serious personality disorder.

  3. Billy, when were black/Asian/Chinese/french/disabled heterosexual couples banned from marriage?

    You don't half bang on about homosexual marriage as if its introduction would benefit people over and above the existing civil partnership - it won't.

    You've become so boring I've had to block you on twitter.