Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How dare you Mr Cameron

Today the Prime minister re-launched ( 30th i think) his big society idea, The idea i kind off support. However it is to cost 600 million pounds, so where is the government going to gt it from? The answer is dormant banks accounts.

Yes you read that right , the government is going to steal your money out of your bank account to fund its scheme.

So i say this to the Prime minster, as one of your predecessor's said *The problem with socialism is that you eventully run out of other peoples money* , Get your own house in order, your government is still spending over 600 billion a year of our money. STOP taking what is not yours.

It is bad enough that you want to read our e-mails, texts or tweets but to put your hand into bank accounts is more of the same type of measures that Labour dictatorship introduced.

Just stop it!


  1. Yeah, but he doesn't mean quite that. They're talking about accounts with no activity in fifteen years and where the account holders cannot be contacted. People who have died or moved away, leaving £50 here, £100 there and no rightful owner can be contacted. This is a subject that crops up every ten years or so.

    (I had about £10 left in an account I abandoned and never got round to closing, some time around 1979... they are welcome to it if it still exists!)

  2. Infuriated of West Mids4 April 2012 at 18:57

    Sorry - I agree with Batsby.

    I worked in probate for a bit when I was newly-qualified, and it's just impossible to track down some accounts - dead people often leave a hell of a lot of mess behind them.

    Governments have used this money which is untraceable and unclaimed every now and then over the years, and I personally have no objection to them doing it. It stops them taxing you and me more.

    I just hope it goes to genuinely useful projects, and not subsidising disabled lesbian Muslim dwarves to make solar panels. But a won't hold my breath...

    1. Shurely the answer is that they should make a law forbidding people to die. That way, this disgraceful state of affairs can be nipped in the bud immediately.

      With the abolition of presumption of innocence, any transgressors - or indeed recidivists - can be locked up before trial, at which time, silence will automatically be taken to be a presumption of guilt.

      I feel that I could have made quite a good advisor to recent Attornies General. Certainly would have made more sense.