Monday, 9 April 2012

Back from hell.

Well i made it back in one piece from hell.

For a strange reason it was not as bad as normal, it normally ends spending three days of trying to convince me that i "should come back into the fold" and that i should "get over that gay phase", while there was the normal sledging and sniping about my car, i felt they may be slowly coming around to accepting that i am gay and accepting me for it?

Maybe i am being too hopeful , you see i hold on to the belief that fundamentally there is good in everyone. I always try and see peoples good points as opposed to their bad points, is it possible that my family accept me for me?

I hope so.

Happy Easter everyone


  1. I hope so too. God bless you, Billy. Your posts have a charm.

  2. Why the sledging and sniping about your car? Is it a pink 1960 Cadillac? A sludge-brown Austin Allegro? The world needs to know.

  3. I hope so too Billy they say you can choose your friends but your stuck with your family and I agree wig Mr Vance I love your blogs ... Simple bit deep :-) x

  4. Don't give up hope -
    Anyway you're family can't be all bad - you are fab ;-) x