Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jobs For The One Nation Boys

KT is quite shocked at this to be honest, This story comes from the much loved yorkshire evening post :

"West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner is under fire after advertising for a well-paid deputy among Labour Party members only.
Mark Burns Williamson, who is paid £100,000 a year, is seeking a deputy on a salary of £52,995 to £56,571."

He says:

"I will be appointing a deputy through a process which allowed anyone who is a Labour Party member across West Yorkshire to express an interest, and I will be interviewing and appointing an individual after a rigorous interview.”

But not all Comrades are impressed Alison Lowe (Lab, Armley) is chair of the crime panel  :

“I would rather the money is spent recruiting two or three extra police officers.”

KT was always under the impression that elected officials were there to serve all the people and not just the ones that voted for them, but then Mr Burns Williamson goes on to say

"Other police and crime commissioners have used the same process as the one as I am using, and I am clear that I will be drawing on those with relevant knowledge and expertise to assist me to get the right person in place to help me to defend and protect the communities of West Yorkshire."

Party politics should be above a Police and Crime  Commissioner, KT would also like to know if this is just the Labour party doing this or if all parties are doing this.

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