Saturday, 16 February 2013

UKIP Candidate Says Party Politics Does Not Matter At Borough Level

KT was given this link earlier, It concerned a story about the current UKIP candidate for Eastliegh, Its well known that KT is no fan of politics but i do have respect politicians that hold a consistent view (left,right,centre etc) However, i have a dislike for parties and politicians that have double standards, Be it left/right i like politicians that are what they say on the tin.

In 2011 the then independent Councillor won re-election to the Council, however a year before she joined UKIP :

      "   Ms James revealed that she had joined the anti-European party in 2010, a year before she successfully defended her Waverley seat and failed to take the Cranleigh and Ewhurst division on Surrey County Council in a by-election, standing in both as an independent. "

But there was something else that caught KT eye :

        “I campaigned on the platform that party politics had no bearing at borough council level and I am still adamant about that. I would not change that stance at all. I would still stand as an independent,”

Which seems different to Nigel Farage`s view 

     "typical of the bigotry of the Labour party and Labour-controlled councils." 

Clearly saying that party politics has no bearing on local issues (and making your leader look silly) is as bad as blaming immigrants for all our ills!

Oh wait !
Video via ukipwebmaster 

The party led by a someone who worked for a bank trying to say they are different to the others? Next they will be claiming to be libertarians.......... 

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