Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Labours NHS

Do you remember Labour scaremongering this time last year? (be fair, it is hard to keep up with the bandwagons they keep jumping on), well last year Ed Miliband claimed this :

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing ( Jesus, I wish I could see the future), But for the Labour party its not that simple, they claim that it is "their NHS", Its not, it belongs to the taxpayer. anyway Ed Miliband wanted to "Save the NHS", a noble cause the left will cry!

Some say "Karma" is a twat, it is, its a twat that will come back and bite you like a erm twat ( Hence why its called Karma), It catches up with us all. The other week a report into Mids Staffs was published and it was revealed that 1,200 people had died needlessly :

But that is not all, the then health secretary refused calls for public inquiry 81 times :
Andy Burnham dismissed calls for a public inquiry in 2009 for this reason :

                    “The demands were for a full public inquiry but my thoughts were that would distract the management.”

But Labour dont get this, step forward Tony McNulty, the former MP who was accused of fiddling expenses and ending up apologizing to the House for it:

But then he tweeted this :

Despite 1200 humans needlessly dying on his parties watch, while he was in the Commons he spouts party political propaganda, but thats not all from the "One nation" party , In the Independent a few days ago it said this :

Of course you have to add PFI in  as well (2011)

                    "  Currently the combined debt for some 800 PFI projects, including 103 PFI hospitals in England, stands at about £300 billion, according to makers of the programme."

 This is the NHS Ed Miliband and Labour want to save!
Pic via Guido Fawkes

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