Sunday, 24 February 2013

Elected Or Unelected, That Is The Question

When some of us say *they are all the same* we sometimes get mocked, each day on twitter i see UKIP supporters saying *vote for us were a different* , having shown before that UKIP leader Nigel Farage tells the odd porky it will not come as a shock to some that he has been caught out again telling a lie :
Now apart from not getting the the name of  "Young Independence" wrong ( Its @YIofficial ) he then goes on to claim that Olly was not elected, Quite a claim i hear you say, your right, so I went of to have a look, In this piece in the Indy Olly himself says

                 "I was elected chairman of Young Independence by 62% of the vote and the largest absolute majority in our organisations history"

62% of the vote? That cant be true as Nigel said Olly was not elected?

So either the Leader of UKIP is Lying or Olly is lying, who is your money on? 
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  1. He doesn't actually post on his twitter feed though does he? I heard it's one of his PR folks.