Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Left Futures

Micheal Meacher has a weird sense of duty ,Before the debate on equal marriage Mr Meacher was sent this by a twitter follower

As you can see he Rt`d the tweet, at the moment you are saying what is weird about this, well this :
That is a list of those that did not vote for Equal marriage in the commons on the 5th of the month and , as you can see Mr Meacher did not vote, Ed Miliband has banged on about his *One Nation* vision and said he can unite this country (to fix the mess that the Labour government that he was a member of left), The Former PM Gordon Brown ignored Ed.

If Ed Miliband cant get his party to unite *One Nation style* on something as important as equal marriage then they are clearly not listening to him........

KT has asked Mr Meacher why he didnt vote 

KT will update blog when Mr (I owned loads of properties ) Meacher replies!


KT hopes that whatever the family reasons were they work out for Mr Meacher and his family :)

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  1. Perhaps he realised that while he may support same sex marriage he didn't like the un democratic way it has been pushed through