Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Gordon Brown Ignores Ed "One Nation" Miliband

Labour had their opposition debate on scrapping the "bedroom tax" , Ed "One nation" Miliband lead the rallying cries asking people to RT (retweet) to show support, That was labour trying to get message across on social media but as we all know all that maters is the vote, Hansard reports the result as thus :

                     " Ayes 226, Noes 252."

A close vote, even worse (depending on your view) is that 31 labour Mp`s didnt vote, Labour Whips tried to assist

KT would like to know who is paired with Gordon Brown (former PM but still and MP) as according to hansard he didnt vote  :

This is not the first time Gordon has missed an important vote, KT reported at the time that he missed the vote on equal marriage.

Then again maybe Gordon supports the "bedroom tax"?

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