Friday, 15 March 2013

Who Says Lighting Doesnt Strike Twice In Same Place?

Reading that Eric Joyce MP was arrested last night KT thought that he would be in trouble for breaching an order given to him after last years assault , but would you have bet on this?
 And in the the piece it states :

"Westminster magistrates fined him £3,000; ordered him to pay £1,400 in compensation; gave him a 12-month community order; banned him from entering any bar, pub or restaurant for three months and imposed a curfew order from Friday to Sunday."

That means his community order expired last Saturday, had he breached it and according to Probation he could have ended up in prison :

     "Offenders sentenced to a community order serve their whole sentence in the community rather than prison.  But they could be sent to prison if they do not comply with the order."

 Now thats lucky........

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