Monday, 11 March 2013

When Is An Exclusive Not An Exclusive?

When its in The Sun, KT was alerted to this story today :
Lets rewind to before the weekend, in the early hours of Friday KT published this story :

In fact it was also picked up on BiasedBBC website over the weekend ( along with other websites).

The Sun along with all other papers and media outlets have been under the microscope over phone hacking and payments to police and in an effort to restore trust Rupert Murdoch shut down the NOTW ( that re-launched as Sun on Sunday) , Some people joke about the "dead tree press" , well this is another nail in its coffin.

lazy and sloppy use of the English language, it was not an exclusive (as had been all around the internet all weekend) , the only other explanation is that the Sun has employed the "Johann Hari" book on ethics.

KT will not be buying The Sun nor Sun on Sunday for the foreseeable future.

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