Monday, 4 March 2013

UKIP, Stop Saying You are Libertarians Please

UKIP always seem to have to defend themselves from the charge of "Racists", I have never called them racist ( fake libertarians and Lefties I have), but i think somewhere they are sending out confused messages to their voters, I found this video on youtube which shows George "I dont debate with Israelis" Galloway speaking at the Rotherham hustings :

Via sheffno1gunner

Now in between the speech the person who made the video challenges Mr Galloway by using captions, here are two that caught my eye :
So why did the UKIP candidate in Eastleigh have a pop at Romanians?

Via tvalexcrowson

And of course this one

Via ukipmedia

Which clearly flies in the face of this
Considering they also support the NHS as well is it no wonder they dont understand what "libertarianism" means, then again the Leader does not even know difference between elected and unelected (here ), Racist ? no," flag waving idiots " (Quote by Old_Holborn ) and supporters of the big state? Most Definitely!

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