Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sorry Semas, You Are Wrong

Some may not have noticed that the Falklands have recently had a referendum on self determination, The people of the Falklands decided that they wished to stay a part of the UK :

Video via liarpoliticians

But it seems not all are happy, step forward Guardian contributor Seumas Milne who has penned this piece :
 He starts of by comparing the PM David Cameron to the socialist/communist state of North Korea :

          " Whenever there's a 99.8% yes vote in a referendum, it's a pretty safe bet that something dodgy's going on. And despite David Cameron's insistence that the North Korean-style ballot in the Falkland Islands – or Malvinas as they're known in Argentina – should be treated with "reverence", that rule of thumb clearly fits the bill in this case."

He then goes on to accuse the good people of the Falklands of being reliant on the UK taxpayer (that wont go down well with labour voters) :

"What other result could conceivably be expected if the future of the islands is put in the hands of the tiny British settler population, most of whom weren't born there but are subsidised to the tune of £44,856 a head to keep them in the Rhodesian retro style to which they are accustomed?" 

Of course no piece about the Falklands would not be right with out a reference to Lady Thatcher :

"The junta's defeat helped free Argentina from a vicious western-backed dictatorship. But military success was a disaster for Britain, rescuing Margaret Thatcher from the depths of unpopularity to unleash devastating neoliberal shock therapy, and rehabilitating overseas military adventures"

The first point i will make is that negotiations did take place in 1982 and the result of those negotiations was clear, that the people of the Falklands wanted to stay part of the UK, indeed every time they are asked they choose to stay part of the UK, now i can understand that Mr Milne is probably upset because the people of the Falklands didn't vote the way he wanted them to vote (Its OK, i feel like that at every election), but to suggest that because of that you should ignore the will of the people by negotiating over their heads is absolutely bonkers, whether you agree with the result or not :

The second point i will make is that sometimes ( not all) you can see whether something is right or wrong by the other people supporting your stance, lets look at someone else who believes that the Falklands current settlement is not satisfactory :

Video via liarpoliticians 

There is always a good chance that if you are on the same side of the debate as George " I dont debate with Israelis "Galloway that you are wrong.

Mr Milne also cites the UN, Yes the UN that has "Leaders" siting on it that can in no way be classed as being elected in free and fair elections, so i dont think we will take lessons from them on elections.

As for the reference to the former PM Lady Thatcher poll after poll shows that those asked continually vote for her in top two of greatest PM`s in last hundred years ( the other being Winston Churchill) but then again we have Mr Milnes views on the will of the people.

Then again as a supporter of Chavez it is no wonder he opposes freedom and democracy.....

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