Monday, 1 October 2012

Left wing dating?

To be honest i think this is a spoof, but this is the webpage

and underneath

"Whether straight, gay or bi-sexual, we are a dating website dedicated to uniting all singles passionate about creating a better world. We welcome progressives across the left of centre spectrum who are fighting for equality, social justice, the environment and human rights around the world.
Play your part in working for these causes whilst meeting interesting, likeminded people and find that soulmate who shares your passion."

Kebab time is considering signing up;)


  1. I'm disappointed that they didn't at least attempt to have a non-white person, or possibly someone with an obvious disability (other than their political views, naturally) on the site.

  2. PugilistSocialist21 October 2012 at 21:51

    I signed up to this website a couple of days ago. I'm very disappointed with it. The members seem to put hardly any effort into their profiles and the not one of them seems even remotely interested in politics. I don't understand. It's been a massive waste of money. Very frustrating.

  3. The site is a SCAM site and it is irresponsible of the Evening Standard to promote it.