Monday, 1 October 2012

A post on Labour.

As readers will know i am not a fan of politicians, However there are some on either side i always try to read their pieces or here them speak, well one of them is Labour MP Jon Cruddas , so when i saw a piece from him on the Huff Post site i just had to have a look.

While i don't agree with him on policy, i do admire that he speaks in a way that i understand and is not condescending (Quite rare for modern politicians ) . Now compare that to one of his Comrades who needed to ask this question

The fact an MP has to even ask this question is a sign of the sorry mess our rotten democracy is in!

Anyway, back to Jon, he admitted that he has friends that vote BNP (Having some local knowledge of the area it is not hard to find BNP voters or people that are sympathetic with the BNP), Now by writing that last sentence i have no doubt that i will be labelled as a BNP supporter, well i am not, have never voted for them and i can guarantee that i will never vote for them. But because Jon speaks in such a human way means people don't mock him for saying that nor can you accuse him of being out of touch, Indeed he is a supporter of a EU Referendum ( tho i don't think he has convinced Ed Miliband yet).

But the big headline would be if Jon had said he had no friends that are BNP, UKIP or Tory ( seeing as the BNP target labour seats more than tory) , if i remember right the BNP even manged to get a few Councillors elected and it was only then the labour party woke up, but what did they learn or take on board? Nothing really, They opposed a benefit cap (despite it being set at 25k ), they have not said sorry for the mess they made, they keep talking down to working class and like all sides of the House of Commons they act like children.

Now the conference is here and we will hear lots of promises buy shadow Cabinet ministers, leaks to the Mirror and Guardian and math worked out on the back of Starbucks lattie , We have already heard Ed balls talk balls today and in a few days Ed Miliband will give us his latest idea ( Predator or producer , Responsible capitalism, then on to pre distribution)  , he will show that all his years working for Gordon Brown will have been wasted, Ed is probably a nice guy but i would not even buy a packet of crisps of either of the Eds, but i might from Jon Cruddas as i know what i am getting.

Just a final thought, could a Tory MP come out and say i have friends that are BNP and get away with it? I don't think so.

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