Thursday, 24 May 2012


So the one time i agree with the PM he has to withdraw his remarks.

But what bugged me was Speaker John Bercow claim it was unparliamentry, first of all surely it is a matter of debate (as is everything in the chamber) ?

But to say calling someone as idiot is unparliamentry is a step to far.

Well Mr Bercow i will tell you what i find unparliamentry, over 1 trillion pound debt, a PM lying to parliament over Wmd , the false claim of abolishing boom and bust, over 50% of Mps stealing money from the taxpayers, the subsidised bars and i restaurants , giving away money to dictators so they can by jets and nice cars, give money to the EU which has not had its accounts signed of for over a decade, taxing the voters into poverty.


This is more proof are what a disgrace the current speaker is and also shows the lack of quality in our members of parliament.


  1. Unfortunately the Speaker is on fairly strong ground on this matter if you read Erskine May.

    Cameron probably relied on saying it and having to withdraw, possibly as a political point in itself. Although withdrawn from the record it will still be reported viz as a result, we are discussing it right now.

    That gives him the sympathy vote. Churchill would have made a splendid prejudice point out of it without crossing that crucial line.

    Bercow cuts a lot more slack for Labour politicians in similar circumstances and that is, of course, completely unacceptable.

    [BTW you do not appear to have changed your site's clock. Tachy gave very clear instructions how to do this in one of his posts a few weeks ago.]