Sunday, 27 May 2012

I had a May day

Its not that hard to be honest.

A little while ago i managed to get to a place the day before i needed to. Yep i felt like a prat, idiot etc. But what i also learnt is that we are all human and we all screw up at some stage or other.

My point is this, why should we pay MPs 66k (backbench) and 140k (front bench)  and then expect them to be flawless, Hey they get 5 million of our money so they can have subsidised food and booze,Oh and well also buy them a 2nd home.

Its great as they sit and tell us mere taxpayers what we can and cannot do, they ban things because we might be "offended" , they screw us for a pension.

You know MPs, you are viewed as sleazy (all colours) , thieves , even vandals. yet you sit there and blame us for being cynical

I ask you click on this link : This , this is a briefs exchange between me and a MP, Make your on mind up.

My view is they are ALL out of touch.

Oh and for those that wondered what happened on my *Mayday* i had a lovely time catching up with some friends :)

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