Saturday, 26 May 2012


Bad times today.

While using the inter-web today my screen went blank, as normal thought was my fault (cause and fault not yet known), anyway for the best part of an hour and some i try to restart it, alas no joy (tho the blank screen was consistent) .

so in the end i tried the recovery option, this took a while and restored my factory settings which was helpful :)

Just took another 2 hours to re-install flash player!

The only hope is that most crap i had downloaded onto the here is gone and system will run faster.......

One step at a time eh?


  1. In the same boat - twice.

    The Raid-0 on my desktop has gone. I bought 2 new drives when I was back in England which means a complete rebuild when I get back. And my main laptop has battery problems. The manufacturers bugger things up by making you buy their more expensive replacements and the software they use prevents you from using cheaper replacements.

    They will not win...

    Good luck!

  2. BTW

    This is Ewanme being her normal mischievous self and not you really - as others thought...

    Am I right?