Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Julian Lewis Is Not Happy, Good!

So Julian Lewis MP is not happy with IPSA over recommendations on future pay :

Via liarpoliticians

The problem is Mr Lewis is that you MP`s caused this to happen by first abusing the expenses system and then second  as Tom Harris MP describes :

       "Then the 2009 expenses scandal happened, and the realisation dawned that being able to do a pretty good headless chicken impersonation was an indispensable qualification for leading a a political party. For those who want to summarise, in hindsight, the courageous and firm response of our parties’ leaderships to the expenses scandal, just imagine the end credits for any Benny Hill Show of the 1970s, complete with music and sped-up chases (but without the partly naked women).

 “We’ll force MPs to pay everything back!” said one. “Well, we’ll force them to pay everything back and put them in stocks and force them to parade around their constituencies in a hair shirt,” said another. “What we need is proportional representation,” said a third..."

Mr Lewis does not seem happy that we are being told how much MP`s will be paid in a few years, But that is not all, he has form on this, rewind to the height of the expenses scandal , when, in the House of Commons this happened :

"(5) The home address form—
(a) may contain a statement made and signed by the candidate that he requires the home address not to be made public; and "

Yes, Mr Lewis wanted to allow Mp`s to kept secret their home address even tho taxpayer could be paying for it, At the time top blogger Guido Fawkes wrote this :

"The link has survived the threats of anarchist bombers, fears of Nazi invasion and IRA terrorism, survived until now. Ask yourself why MPs yesterday voted to keep their home addresses secret for the first time in parliamentary history. Is it really over fears for security? Is it actually because they want to keep things private and make it more difficult to discover that they are fiddling their expenses or have us know in what style they live at our expense? Isn’t it really because they want to keep on troughing out of sight."

Its clear that Mr Lewis has a problem with transparency and wants the taxpayer to know less about MP`s claims.

KT has a solution to this, Every candidate should put the salary they would claim on the ballot paper (be it 25k or 100k) then allow the voters to give their consent. before people say that "only the rich could afford to do it for 25k" KT would remind people that 25k is average wage in the UK and that being an MP is a public service.

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