Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Paging Harriet and Ed

I am concerned that something has happened to Ed and Harriet, when the phone hacking scandal broke you could not avoid watching the news without a soundbite on Murdoch from a Labour MP (Including Tom Watson and Chris Bryant) , in the last week or so a scandal has broken out at the BBC, including the BBC being accused of covering it up and that they knew what went on.

The other day i wrote about claims that Janet Street Porter made on Question Time

But since then i have been looking for a quote from Shadow Sec for Culture, Media and sport, I also asked where is Ed Miliband ?

So i thought i would look on Harriets website

 and on the labour website

and Ed ?

What about Twitter?

And i just had a look at Harriets twitter feed and not one mention about the BBC ( tho plenty on X-Factor)

So not a word from Ed or Harriet, lets be clear we are talking about vulnerable young children being sexually abused at our public service broadcaster over a long period of time and not a peep from either of them, the party that claims to represent the vulnerable and the silence is deafening.

Had it been a Murdoch outlet tho...... 

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