Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Harriet talks rubbish ( as normal)

Try watching this without throwing something

I wrote about this a few days ago and its safe to say i totally oppose this "Nomorepage3" campaign.

I do not oppose their right to protest or to make the batshit crazy claims they do, I oppose for a simple and clear reason, It is not up to others to dictate to me what i can or cannot do with my body, and in return i will not dictate to you what to do with your body, fair enough right? well not to these people, they claim to know best, they claim to be able to read every single woman's mind.

The main problem with their campaign ( as with most) is that they confuse fact with opinion, It is not a fact that being photographed with no clothes on is degrading to everyone, its is an opinion.

But what is more disturbing is the attack on freedom of speech and expression, lets say they get there way, whos next?  Women in bikinis? Women in tight clothing?

Of course, in this age of equality the rules then would surely apply to semi naked males like this

Becks does not look degraded in this photo 
 My advice is simple, if you do not like/approve of the Sun Newspaper then do not buy it and then you wont be "offended" .

Video via liarpoliticians

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