Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fail-Ed Miliband

While the Westminster press are getting hard-ons over Ed Milibands speech some are not that impressed

"But while he railed against "cosy cartels and powerful interests," he gave no sign that Labour plans to return all or any of these assets to public democratic ownership."

"Even when he spoke of sorting out the banks, this did not include public ownership, either across the piece or selectively.They were simply told to divide their high street arms from casino banking operations."

"Economic ownership is important. Regulation, upon which the Tories and new Labour have relied to defend the public interest in the conduct of once publicly owned industries handed over to the private sector, has proved an utter failure."

"Not only will privatisation continue under Labour but so will private-sector penetration of our public services, with willingness to provide apprenticeships the only proviso demanded of private companies."

"Miliband's "one nation" rhetoric was deployed as the justification for making "difficult decisions," including an incoming Labour administration accepting a later retirement age, refusal to reverse coalition government cuts, rigid adherence to a public-sector pay freeze and a "tough settlement" for public services.
Whatever patriotic, solidarity, one nation, we're all in it together spin is put on this package, it amounts to acceptance of the essence of the bankers' austerity agenda."

"Even the growing gap between rich and poor, which Miliband mentioned, took root under Tony Blair and Gordon Blair when new Labour was in full pro-City mode.
Miliband's final section of his speech suggested that some people might find his speech "too radical." Would that that was indeed the case."

So, there you have it, he is neither left or right, his only purpose is like Gordon and Tony before, the thirst for power, This is another sign of the labour party no longer belonging or representing the working class people, it is now just a vehicle for a few selected people to get rich by.

Is Ed and co any better than the people who are in government? No, he was part of the Cabinet which bailed out the banks with taxpayers money without asking the British people ( Oh i know the Tories voted for it as well) , Eds big problem is that he has put himself on the same ground as Lib Dems and Tories ( the centre)  , apart from the odd 1/2% of spending difference there policies are more or less the same, they all think they know how to run your life for from their million pound houses in north london.

You only have democracy when you have a choice.

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