Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Yellow card Rio

 I know i will get stick for writing this short piece. This concerns a tweet i just saw from Rio Ferdinand

"Scum buy the Sun"

That may be Rio`s opinion, but what he should think about is that most people that buy the Sun are the same people that will spend their hard earned money paying to watch Rio and comrades play football, buy the replica shirts and he fund the lavish lifestyles that our top players have become accustomed to.

Also this point

Incidentally i sometimes buy the Sun ( i also buy the Star on Sunday to) does this make me scum?

There is no doubt that The Sun and Kelvin made a disgraceful judgement call and i have no problem if some people don't buy it , but for a top premier league player to call people that buy the Sun "Scum" is a bit out of order.

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