Friday, 14 September 2012

Waste of money?

Reading walesonline i saw this poll

First of all i do not know how many have voted nor how long the poll has been up.

Recently i have noticed people from Labour asking the same and offering suggestions on how to improve them.

First of all who goes or takes notice of them? sure the political bloggers and party members will but will the man in the street give a toss?

Both main parties are out of touch with their respected grass roots, for Ed and labour they are not left wing enough and for Dave and Tories  they are not right wing enough. That seems to me that they are both dancing on the head of a pin called the centre ground.

Of course if we had a genuine right wing Tory party and a left wing labour party the voters would actually have a choice.

Which reminds me of this from a week ago

"Politics ought to be a competition between different parties for good ideas and votes.
Too often instead our rotten, out dated political system boils down to different tribes opposing what they imagine the other lot favour. Favouring whatever gets up their opponents nose. Each tribe projecting on to the other what they wish to see about them.
No wonder folk outside SW1 have so little faith in the whole process.
Posted on 9 September 2012 by Douglas Carswell "

And that is why i am not surprised to see that poll .

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