Sunday, 16 September 2012

The left are wrong on the cap

They say silly season has ended but in the world of the left it is always silly season.

Thats from a post on leftfutures

Not the first on the left to use that term , this is from Wiki

"In October 2010, Labour, Shadow Minister Chris Bryant accused the Conservative Party of implementing policy that would "cleanse" the bigger cities of poorer people, due to their housing benefit cuts.[4] Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and a Conservative, also accused the cuts of social cleansing.[5] This resulted in many political figures rebuking this claim. Some, such as Nick Clegg, claimed such a description "offensive".[6]

I write this as someone who earns less than the average wage( before tax), i also live in THE greatest city on the planet (London) , in fact apart from 5-6 years of my life i have always lived in London. Now i cant afford a mansion in Mayfair or even a penthouse in Peckham, I live within my means (just about) which has meant this year that i have not been able to go and watch a live county game ( i have debts to pay off) , i also have not had a holiday this year, but my main bills have been paid, i can afford to eat , i can afford to maintain my car, I do not own an I-pad or I-pod nor do i have an I-phone , i have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, i also have access to the internet. 

The person who wrote this piece is complaining of a 25k cap on benefits (25k is the average wage in the UK) thus proving that the left do not want work to pay (that or they live in a different world to working class people) .

Why should my taxes fund someones housing cost that i myself cannot afford?

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