Monday, 17 September 2012

Still think you are free?

This is amazing :

"The Scottish Defence League has been told they cannot hold a march through the capital.
The group had applied to the City of Edinburgh Council to be able to march from East Market Street down the Royal Mile to the Scottish Parliament.

They wanted to hold the procession between 1pm and 2.30pm on September 29.
The council’s licensing sub-committee on Friday received a report from Lothian and Borders Police saying the group’s previous marches had not led to any disturbances or damage.

Chief Superintendant Malcolm Graham’s report said there would not be any difference in the cost of policing a march of static protest.

Static protests do not need permission from the local authority.
The committee decided to refuse the Scottish Defence League permission to hold the march.
The group have held three previous events in the capital. In February 2010, they held a static protest on the Royal Mile.
In September 2011, another static protest was held on Regent Road. In May this year, a march was allowed down Regent Road after the group appealed to the courts after the council refused them permission.
Each time, a counter-protest has been held by United Against Fascism in the city at the same time."

Thats from here , but one bit caught my eye

 The right to peaceful protest along with freedom of speech are our most treasured freedoms, without them we are not free. I have no idea what the Scottish defence league stand for or believe, but the police said the previous protests had caused no trouble or damage!

This is a disgrace!

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