Friday, 21 September 2012

Its all about the money

The other day i wrote about Paul Flynn MP getting expelled from Parliament , i said that if he what he said was true why should he be silenced? after all our Parliament is meant to hold the executive to account.

Well after being expelled you would expect the left to show solidarity with Mr Flynn for the cause he was arguing for, Step forward Karl Turner MP who you may recall from a little while ago with this lovely tweet.

So what was Mr Turners first concern? Afghanistan? Troop equipment?

Nope, his first concern was for Mr Flynns wages, not even a mention of our troops serving or agreeing or disagreeing with Mr Flynns comments of change of policy, If you also read the last bit about getting "turfed out" on last day it appears some treat Parliament like school where getting kicked out is treated as a joke or badge of honor (it was when i was briefly at school) .

I would suggest that this is an example of why some people say politicians are only in this for the money, I mean 66k a year ( without expenses) is hardly living in poverty (well for them maybe) compared to our troops that are fighting the politicians wars!

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