Sunday, 2 September 2012

Iraq and Labour and the working class ( a ramble)

As many of you will know i am not a raving leftie, but if their is one thing that has untied some on the left and right it is Iraq.

However i am not one of those that claim that Tony and George should be hung drawn and quartered or shipped of to a court in the Hauge. Whether we like it or not Parliament voted in favor for the Iraq war, I am used to hearing politicians lie and spin, in fact i would be shocked if they told the truth, But when talking about sending our troops and fellow citizens to war i expect the Government of the day to be as honest as it can possibly be.

But what if Mr Flynns claims of bullying are true? what does it say about the standard of MP we have?

If our MPs are whip fodder then do they deserve their 66k plus expenses each year. cant we just hire 640 odd chimps?

The point i want to make about Iraq is that while Labour did win an election after the war started it has left a dark stain on its history ( apart from bankrupting the nation , but we are used to that) . The Labour party was meant to represent the working class yet abused it position by sending the working class to Iraq.

Now Ed Miliband seems to admit that Labour got it wrong on Iraq :

I actually agree with the gist of what Ed Miliband says but while their are still so many pro Iraq war people in the Labour party they wont be taken seriously.

But one more thing, if the claims of bullying and bribery are true how can we make sure it wont happen again, after all Ed Miliband was an adviser to Gordon Brown before becoming an MP. It does not inspire confidence when he has Ed Balls as his left hand man, after all Ed Balls did have a hand in Project Volvo .

In fact can the Labour party ever return to one the represents the working class?

Remember it was the Labour party that doubled my tax just as the bad times in the economy were coming.

Up the workers and working class?   

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