Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dear Catholic Church, get your own house in order!

According to gaystarnews some 30k of people in Scotland have signed a petition against same sex marriage

I don't mind if people disagree with my opinion on this , but then i came across this bit

My parents were married, both worked , we had enough money coming in not to be poor. Mr parents also beat the shit out of me and sexually abused me, made my life so bad i had to give up any hope of education while at school, i had to run away and spend most of my teenage years selling my body and getting involved with that i should not have.

So of course its the best environment to raise children! 

Then i noticed at the end this was part supported by the Catholic church, right!

Is the Catholic church ( or any religion ) really in some sort of Superior moral place than it can dictate what rights others are entitled to?  

Equal rights or taking the advice of a man who wears a frock and worships a sky fairy?

Just one more thing, how much money and how many apologies have the Catholic Church had to pay out in connection with child sex abuse cases?

Yeah am really going to listen to people with those types of morals!

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  1. So because you had a bad set of parents, you think that automatically dismisses the notion that a mother and a father are the best way to bring up a child? Argument from personal experience/incredulity. Obviously it doesn't mean every single mother and father combination are going to be good, but they're still the best way to bring up a child in general.