Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dave dont get it!

In todays Daily Mail it is reported that Dave has called for a non divided party :

And it finishes with this little bit

A reshuffle is pretty useless if you keep the same policies

Just a note to Mr Cameron and comrades, If we wanted continually Labour we would have returned them to power.

And to those that think Boris would be an improvement , you may be right, we might all laugh and smile along with Boris but the policy would not be that different to Daves .

This country is in the toilet due to Labours and now coalition policy, what we need now is a figure like Baroness Thatcher, a figure that has the balls to get to grip with our spending problem and a someone to take on the monster that is the EU.

We need to get back to a culture of self reliance and away from state dependency yet sadly i doubt there is a MP in the commons (all sides) with the spine to do it. 

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